Horse Training Programs

A person riding on the back of a horse.


Our local neighborhood training center allows us to start young horses slowly into the track life. Gates are available and official works can be recorded. Older horses get these same benefits whether they are coming off a layup or during their careers.

A man riding on the back of a brown horse.


Licensed trainer and jockey Zach Miller is our lead rider and trainer. Zach is paramount to our steeplechase program. Our horses gain confidence in their jump to prepare them best for the races. We use our hill turf gallop for fitness. Each horse has a program tailored to their needs.

A person riding on the back of a horse.


One shot is all you have when starting a horse. We take this very seriously; it is a process we do not rush. Our horses start with groundwork, long lining, ponying, ring work before they move to galloping. Our process takes a minimum of 90 days. This allows us time to get to know your horse and ensure they leave feeling confident and ready for the track.